At Altaa Vista (AVPL), we strive to take off a load of recruitment off our client’s back. We sit across the table with our clients to understand their employment requirements to provide the best talent from the pool. As RPO partners, we offer a comprehensive people-process-technology solution for end-to-end recruitment of talent. Right from candidate profiling to staffing to on-boarding to finally reporting; we take complete ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process.

Our ultimate aim is to make the whole process of recruitment a hassle-free experience for our esteemed clients. Whether working for a multinational company or a mid-level or startup organization; we develop customized, start-to-finish recruitment solutions that are time-saving, cost-effective and bring a high-quality pool of candidates. The Altaa Vistaa RPO solutions are based on our years of expertise of understanding people’s hard-wiring that help us deliver the best results every single time.

The Altaa Vistaa RPO eases out the recruitment process for any and every organization. The tools and services provided under the program are:

Exclusive RPO Program

Tailor-made end-to-end recruitment solutions for single or multiple verticals of companies. We can hire across the organization board irrespective of department, geography or time.

RPO Assignments

We are equipped to take up specific-goal-oriented assignments like creating recruitment back-logs, hiring for very specific positions and volume hiring too.

Vanilla Recruitments

We specialize in hiring for niche specialism under tight time-frames. Our capability lies in delivery par excellent services to clients with defined needs.

  • Accumulate skilled and impactful talent pool
  • Maintain job boards
  • Actively populate talent pipeline
  • Discover potential and passive candidates
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Empower business with holistic market knowledge
  • Quality hiring based on insightful recruitment knowledge
  • Risk-free HR operations for fool-proof hiring
  • Zero risk on client’s part
  • Attract quality talent by enhancing employer brand image

Scalable & Agile RPO

We have the people, process and technology to scale up or down recruitment operations as per client requirement. Our experts can adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics to offer situational hiring services. We cater to client needs like seasonal hiring, global expansion, mergers and acquisitions and demand for specialized positions. We have the right market knowledge, disruptive thinking and agility that help businesses sustain in challenging markets.

RPO for Modern Organizations

We enter into strategic partnerships with clients to create tailor-made recruitment solutions. Our modern talent acquisition model, pro-active recruitment techniques and man power planning makes us best fit for your business. Our team of HR experts ensures there is enough scalability, consistency and quality in the recruitment process of your company.

  • Capitalize on our RPO network
  • Two decades of recruitment expertise
  • Seamless recruitment model
  • High-quality talent pool
  • Enhanced employer branding
  • Savings on recruitment process
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Customized hiring solutions across industries
  • Consistent and consolidated hiring processes