High performing executives are constantly in demand in the fast-growing Indian business scenario. The enormous gap in leadership can often lead to systematic and strategic failures. Hence, no compromises can be made in hiring the top-talent. At Altaa Vistaa (AVPL), we believe smart retention begins with a good hire. Our 9+ years of executive hiring experience has enabled us to step into the client’s shoes to understand their requirement and deliver resources that outperform client expectations. In simpler words, we act as the ‘Extended Support’ for the client.

The C-suite talent is even more difficult to retain when the clients do not have the right compensation, infrastructure, growth-potential or added benefits for the resource. We strive to create a mutually beneficial employee-employer relationship, where the organizational goals are aligned with the personal goals of both parties.

We work with ‘client first’ approach to fill your organization with leadership talent that’ll drive you towards success.

Initial consultation

Find and consult potential candidates that are desirable for leadership roles.

Evaluation and interview

Evaluate results only after thoroughly scrutinizing the candidate profile during the interview.

Smooth transition

Seamless transfer of roles, responsibilities, authorities and workload between executives.

Position description

Provide clear, concise and detailed position description to upcoming candidates.

Candidate & client interviews

Establish free-flow communication channels between client and candidate at the interviews.

Candidate targeting

Spot and negotiate with potential candidates from the vast talent pool available.

Reference checking

Scrutinize all the references to hire the most deserving employee.

Powerful Connections Suite of Solutions Nurturing Partner Global Reach/Local Expertise

We employ our robust knowledge, global experience and recruitment expertise to demonstrate extraordinary business growth.

We employ our robust knowledge, global experience and recruitment expertise to demonstrate extraordinary business growth.

  • Global Reach / Local Expertise
  • Nurturing Partner
  • Suite of Solutions
  • Powerful Connections

Our glo-cal approach puts client ambition and candidate satisfaction at the top.

The client and executive candidate partnerships remain the key to mutual success.

We offer scalable, flexible and highly effective, executive recruitment solutions.

Use industry connections and candidate relationships to ensure success through mutually beneficial matches.

We marry the needs and aspirations of candidates with client’s recruitment requirement to build fruitful business relationships.

Conduct executive search and leadership acquisition drive

Hand-pick senior resources with desirable potential

Enable change leaders to keep pace with disruptive change

Eliminate communication gaps between client and candidate

A dedicated team of professionals with industry experience and access to par excellence technology working to hire top-execs for you.

  • Building future-facing
    talent pipelines
  • Work done to the highest
    ethical standard
  • Need-based
  • Industry knowledge and
    extensive network
  • Reduced administrative
  • Stellar hiring track record